🎤 I am an experienced public speaker for diverse audiences and in different formats ―from keynotes to smaller research seminars; in English or Spanish.

I am especially keen to talk about:

  • AI and creative industries (especially film, TV, video platforms and videogames)
  • Machine Vision (computer vision, philosophy of photography and film)
  • Computational Humanities (cultural analytics, modelling, visualisation and simulation)
  • Synthetic media and Generative AI (large language and vision models)
  • Visual and Computational Cultures (past and present)
  • Media history, theory, and technology (especially early cinema and historical poetics)

See past events to get a flavour of my public lectures and seminars for academic and non-academic audiences.

I’m generally open to discussing potential speaking engagements and explore how my expertise can benefit your audience. However, I have limited availability, to make an inquiry or request a talk please consider that it’s essential to plan against my academic commitments and allow sufficient time to prepare, especially where international travel is involved. Please provide the following information in your inquiry:

  • A brief outline of your event’s theme, format, and expected audience.
  • Expected size of the event, including relevant links or information about previous editions.
  • Other speakers who will also be invited.
  • Whether the event will be recorded and how it will be disseminated.
  • If the event is free to attend or if tickets will be sold.
  • Indicate clearly if a speaker fee is available.

If you want to know more, please contact me. If I am already a speaker at your event and you need a bio, click here. If you are interested in contacting me for consulting work, please see here.