💼 As an expert in the intersection between visual and computational cultures, I am available for consulting in the broad field of computational creativity (Creative AI), with a focus on screen and interactive media: film, TV, video platforms and video games.

How I can help your organisation

  • Expert analysis on the impacts and implications of AI for your organisation, including forecasting and trend identification for possible impacts to your business model
  • Technical guidance on the capabilities and limitations of generative AI models, with a focus on large visual models (LVMs), text-to-image and text-to-video models (LLaVA, Stable Diffusion, DALLE, SORA)
  • Strategic planning for organisations seeking to integrate LVMs into their creative processes, especially those with large or growing visual assets, e.g. image and video collections
  • Training and workshops on computational creativity, generative AI, and machine learning for creative professionals
  • Technical guidance on drafting tender documents, lists of requirements, technical schedules, statements of work, role profiles for recruitment, etc.

Why work with me

As a scholar-practitioner in the field of AI and digital culture, I bring a unique combination of academic rigour, industry expertise, and creative flair to consulting engagements. My research and teaching experience has equipped me with the skills to analyse complex cultural trends and technological innovations, and develop effective strategies for organisations looking to stay (or break into) the new landscape of computational media. Contact me for a quote.