Over the years I have made a few short films 🎞️ for different purposes and audiences. some as personal video essays, some as commercial commissions, one even made into a film festival. These are all projects in their own right, I only list here a selection of the most significant. I have also been involved in creative practice as an academic, see for example the experimental AI documentary Made by Machine.

Mini-documentary I produced, shot and edited in the space of a week for architecture firm Estudio PEC in Mexico City.

A short film I put together from footage taken and found during an urbex trip to Insurgentes 300, one of the most famous abandoned building in Mexico City. Popularly known as “the Canada Building”, this large apartment block was severely damaged during the 1985 earthquake and was never finished. The government deemed structurally unsafe and existing tenants were forced to vacate it, sometimes leaving their entire apartments on the lower floors with all their belongings intact. The higher floors remain in ascending states of disrepair, crowned by a bare-bones structure on the rooftop from where one can have a spectacular view of central Mexico City. The film aims to capture both the activity of exploring urban ruins interweaving a narrative of media ghosts of the people who lived in the building. 📷 Here is a photo gallery of the project.

A short personal film about travelling and living in-between cities. It was produced over the span of a year when I moved house five times, as a way to think through that time of constant displacement. I shot some of this during a trip to New York and other clips in various formats I had been collecting of everyday life in Mexico, including during my time as a teacher as commuted through Atizapán, and scenes from charming little town Malinalco. The film was part of the official selection and screened at FICUNAM film festival in 2013, in the section “Jonas Mekas: Diaries, Notes & Sketches”.