Videogrep is a command line tool that searches through dialog in video files and makes supercuts based on what it finds. It will recognize .srt or .vtt subtitle tracks, or transcriptions that can be generated with vosk, pocketsphinx, and other tools.

Sam posted an implementation of Videogrep that runs on Colab, which made me think of running this on a Jupyter Lab instance from our College’s computer cluster, and then possibly using it for teaching. The college does not host its own notebook instance, as far as I know, but the cluster can serve a headless Jupyter that can be “tunnelled in” through ssh.

Here’s a supercut of recent lecture by Shannon Mattern at KCL called “Modeling Doubt, Coding Humility: A Speculative Syllabus”

Interestingly, not one single mention of “code” or “coding”, nor of “humility”. I recommend watching the whole talk, though.

Here’s the repositoryfor Videogrep. Here’s the Colab minimal example. And here are other examples from Sam’s repo: