Nanne van Noord, Mila Oiva and myself got together to to present recent research and engage in conversation about recent advances at the intersection between cultural analytics, computational aesthetics, and machine learning. This was a public-facing event part of the the Sculpting Time With Computers workshop, supported by the Department of Digital Humanities and the Digital Futures Institute at King’s College London.

The panel was chaired by Belén Vidal. See the full recording below and here are the timestamps for each section:

  • 00:00:00: Introduction DFI (Marion Thain)
  • 00:04:25: Introduction DFI research (Steven Connor)
  • 00:08:25 : Nanne van Noord ― An Analytics of Film Culture
  • 00:21:12: Mila Oiva ― Exploring Soviet Newsreels with Computer Vision
  • 00:34:00: Daniel Chávez Heras ― Creanalytics: between analysis and generation
  • 00:49:34: Q&A - New answers to old questions, or new questions through new methods?
  • 01:01:50: Q&A - Perestroika problem or feature?
  • 01:07:00: Q&A - Applications beyond academia?
  • 01:13:15: Q&A - Challenges and opportunities of multi-modal computational methods?
  • 01:18:34: Q&A - Preserving or contesting the cannon through computers?
  • 01:27:56: Q&A - Revising theory through critical technical practice