🕸️ Not quite a blog, but not a timeline either. This kind of personal wiki of linked notes is my attempt to gradually move away from social media platforms but still keep some kind of connection with the public internet.

This “net of notes” is very close to the idea of a digital garden, in that it takes inspiration from the early web; from hypertext and the Memex, and from keeping some kind of ownership of the files one shares. In keeping with these ideas, the notes in this garden are often drafts that are meant to grow (or wither) organically. Some notes might make it into larger Projects or publications, many will stay as notes while they grow. You can see a list of notes here.

You can read A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden, and this piece on The Garden and the Stream to find out more about digital gardens. This approach is also loosely related to the ideas of open source and open knowledge.