📰 I am available to discuss topics related to AI and digital culture, specifically visual culture and computational creativity (creative AI).

Specific areas where I can offer insight and expertise to journalists include:

  • AI and creative industries (especially film, TV, video platforms and videogames)
  • Generative AI and synthetic media, including technical expertise about large language and vision models, as well as social and cultural implications of their widespread use (e.g. vision, text-to-image and text-to-video models such as LLaVA, Stable Diffusion, DALLE and SORA)
  • Machine Vision (how machine are taught to see and the implications for society)
  • Computational Humanities (cultural analytics, computational modelling of cultural phenomena, visualisation and simulation)
  • Visual and Computational Cultures (past and present, non-AI generative methods, analogue computing, algorithmic visual art)
  • Media history, theory, and technology (especially early cinema and historical poetics)

If you’re interested in featuring my research in a publication, podcast, or online platform, please get in touch . I’m happy to provide quotes, participate in interviews, and always keen to talk to committed journalists. I do not usually comment or discuss the performance or outlook of individual companies. Instead I am more likely to contribute to pieces that aim to demystify these technologies and focus public discourse on their real potentials and consequences. I can convey to your audience what these models are, how they work, what they can and cannot do, and why we should care about them beyond their novelty.

You can contact me directly, or through my institution’s press office. Please include the media outlet, type of contribution you seek, and timeline to publish. If you need a short bio click here.